About Us

Ottorose is one of the top clothing production companies in Romania.

Welcome To Ottorose

Over the past twenty years, the fashion industry has undergone dramatic structural change. The major impulses behind the restructuring of the clothing industry have been changes in the patterns of consumer demand and international competition.

Consumer demand for clothing is increasingly lifestyle and aspiration ally driven. Well-informed customers with clear expectations want choice, quality value for money and variety.

Ottorose Group:

Founded in the early 80's, Ottorose has been growing steadily over the years, now employing 580 people and a further 1000 people through our approved subcontractors.


Originally based in North London the company moved its production and technical site to Romania in the 90's, seeking out a lower cost production base; We established Ottorose Rom SRL to take advantage of this country's long history in garment manufacturing and low cost within the EU.

Based 35 minutes from Bucharest in the city of Ploiesti centrally within the textile region, we established our factory in a 25,000 sqft building with modern offices, production & warehouse space.


Specialising in ladies clothing primarily for high street names within the UK and Europe, we produce lined and unlined jackets, trousers, skirts, blouses and co-ordinate separates.

Design Centre

In 2003 we established a design centre in Romania to provide support to our UK design team. Over the years, they have gained tremendous ability in design and today we sell to some of the largest fashion companies in the world directly through this office with regular visits to London, Paris and New York keeping up to date with the latest trends.

We introduced a design Cad system a numbers of years ago that has given us the visual ability to recolour prints, match patterns to artwork giving our customers the power to visualise colour ways and style without having to wait for samples.


Our first factory was opened in 1992 covering an area of 30,000sq/ft production employing 500 people which is accredited by the Arcadia Group, H&M Hennes, ICC Group and Dunnes stores; specialising solely in the construction of ladies clothing for high street names.

Our current production exceeds 200,000 units per month.


We employ a large team of quality inspectors to ensure our customers' expectations. Attention to quality is present throughout our production process. Our factories have their own quality inspection and in-line quality control.

Ethical Trading

Ottorose Group applies a strict ethical trading policy and works together with suppliers to ensure that its own and customers standards as well as local legislations are met.